Use your current form, or let us update its efficiency.

Custom Forms

Fully customizable guard tour system. Shows you the full list of check points, on the device. No guessing. No expensive hardware to install.

Guard Tour System

Scan a driver's license and information is instantly added to the form.


Attach pictures, audio clips, signatures, and videos directly to a report.

Add media

Instant access from anywhere in the world.

Cloud Storage


Create reports anywhere

Transform the way you report incidents and manage security personnel with the ability to access any form or tour, anywhere—with or without internet access. Upload to secure server, email, print or save a report as soon as you fill it out and create a post event summary within seconds. 


Customize and use

Meet the needs of any company, facility, or event by customizing your form and uploading it for immediate use.  The easy-to-use customization options allow you to design forms based on your needs to ensure the correct information is collected.


Streamline your process

The mobile application means you no longer have to deal with paper forms or worry about having the right form when you need it. Create required fields in the form to ensure the information you need is collected every time.  Create post event or end of week summaries in seconds.



Add images, audio clips and videos to reports for times when showing is better than explaining. The IDReader ensures information is accurate—simply scan the ID and the information is automatically added to the form.  The fully integrated Guard Tour System gives you a fully customizable, affordable option.  Use drop down boxes, check boxes or radio buttons instead of typing in answers to speed up the process and collect signatures with a stylus or finger.