3 Modules That Every Company Needs

1. HR Commander

You are managing all of your other security operations in one location and you should also be managing schedules and hours. Don’t give your employees two or three different apps to manage, put everything in one place. Especially when they are individuals doing night shifts, you need your staff to be doing their jobs, not fumbling with multiple apps.

2. Incident Reporting

Every company needs incident reporting. If you’re not using incident reporting, you’re doing it wrong. If you think that doing three to five reports a day, a week, a month isn’t a lot, I challenge you to think about what litigation would be like if you lose documents or incomplete reports. You could end up getting sued. Let’s be fair, it’s not always about getting sued, if someone gets arrested then you have to go to court and if you don’t have complete documentation, they’re walking.

3. Txt Commander

No matter your location or industry, it’s always helpful if your tenants (think apartment complexes and high-rise multi-tenant office buildings) or your fans and guests to have the ability to text to security with just one number. No codes, no hashtags, just one local phone number. If you’re in charge of a college campus, having one number for students, faculty, and staff are able to text because it’s not always as easy, convenient, or even possible to make that call to security. And those Blue Boxes? The blue call boxes are becoming fewer and farther between, but everyone has a phone.