5 Reasons You Don’t Want a One-Time Fee

Kate Parrish Blog

While there may be a fee to maintain software in a cloud, it doesn’t even come close to the upfront cost and potential disaster repair of an on-premises system. By adopting a cloud-based system, you no longer need to worry about your main office computer going down and losing years of information that you may need to retrieve at a moments notice. It’s really stressful to depend on one machine, your entire system revolves around the health of one computer or server or even unique device. On the light side of disaster, coming back from a digital loss, you must reinstall your program and continue to be responsible for the maintenance of your hard devices, and adding additional memory to the computer/server/unique device to continue daily operation. Here is the biggest cost saver- There are no IT managers required to keep your software up to date and running smoothly, that’s our job. In the end, you get the best bang for your buck with cloud-based software services like Cirrus Security.

Maintenance on an on-premises system requires so much more than a cloud-based, SaaS platform. With Cirrus Security, there is little to no action required by the client or user to get running on the best and most up to date version of the software on your Apple, Android, and Amazon devices. To update an on-premises system would required downloading software from the internet or hard disc, ensuring that your system requirements fit what you are current hardware specs. In fact, Cirrus Security doesn’t have any system requirements!

How much physical and virtual space do you need to keep your software running smoothly? When you use the software in a cloud setting, you don’t have to worry about having any space set aside for your operating software. Everything is stored securely in the cloud and can be accessed from a wide variety of devices ranging from desktop to mobile devices, from anywhere in the world. Do you have operations on the East Coast and the West Coast? You can access all the information for any location, from any location in real time.

Updates and customizations
There are some things you just can’t get from your run of the mill, standard security platform and one of those things is a granular level of customization. Not all software companies are able to provide an individual experience for their clients, but Cirrus Security can and does. Your company isn’t like all of the other companies, you do things differently, your needs are individual. We get that, and we love it.

Cohesive Experience
Here is where we talk about something that makes Cirrus Security really different. We house all of the components that make your company run all in one app. You don’t have to learn another software platform. You don’t have to switch from one application to another, from one device to the next. Cirrus Security gives you the most cohesive experience by letting you access what you need from where you are.