Reduce Incident Response Times Using Technology

Kate Parrish Blog

It seems like the security industry has relied on an antiquated system of the few protecting the many, which at one time worked for us. Times change, trends evolve, and no longer is it in the best interest of security companies, or the populations and properties that they protect, to rely solely on the highly trained few. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could shave seconds, and maybe minutes, off of your response times? It’s possible with the right technology. 

The truth is that incidents tend to escalate quickly and unless you have unlimited resources and ability to have people stationed every 50 feet, your team is likely to be responding to an incident reactively if proactive tools are not made available to the many.

What do I mean by the many? I’m talking about populated multi-tenant office buildings, sports events, concert venues, school and college campuses. Where there are people, there is bound to be an incident requiring a response.

Before modern technology entered the scene, we relied on landline telephones and two-way radios for dispatching after an incident had occurred, but that’s not the world we live in anymore. Technology is now easier to access than ever before and has been tailored to the specific needs of the Security industry.

We’ve come to a point where technology should be part of every emergency action plan; this can look like push notifications to mobile phones with next-step instructions. It can be the ability to send current locations to and from mobile devices and dispatch. Also, let’s not forget about the ability to audit guard locations in real-time and providing constant communication.

That being said, you also need your technology to work together as one fluid unit, allowing your team to move smoothly and seamlessly from start to finish. Your best fit will allow for easy analysis of incidents, deployed resources, and outcomes, all housed in one place.

My favorite module stack

Cirrus Security runs on a per-module system, creating the most tailored experience for your company and your team. We can make suggestions, but you are the decision-maker, and you can add to your stack at any time to make your operation run the way you want it.

Here is my favorite full-functioning security stack:

TxtCommander: This module allows for those in your public space to contact Dispatch/Command immediately via text message. What makes us different than other texting platforms is that with Cirrus Security, you aren’t paying for a block of text or per text. You get your own phone number to text to, and there are NO HASHTAGS. Post signage throughout your property for easy access to the number, or request the number to be saved in mobile devices upon onboarding if the situation allows for it.

Dispatch: See who is on the clock, posted closest in proximity, and best trained for an incident, and deploy them to the scene with a click of a button. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Incident Reports: This module is an absolute must in my book. We can customize to fit your very unique needs, and it’s strategically built to ensure that every field is complete before it can be submitted to the cloud. Fun fact, your incident reports are stored in a cloud that has been optimized for easy information retrieval when needed.

Dashboard: Managers are regularly having information tossed to them, and it’s proven to be a trick to stay on top of it all. We see that, and we’ve built an easy interactive Dashboard that allows you to see site maps, relevant news, instant access to the communication log. This one is something that you have to see to believe.

HR Commander: It takes forever to schedule people for shifts, and your time is valuable. So we’ve made scheduling less complicated and smarter! You can now make sure that you are putting your best-fit personnel where you need them most. Know the experience level and credentials of every member of your team to ensure you have the right person in the right place at the right time- and FASTER!

Guard Tour: We do this one differently than the rest, too. We don’t do expensive NFC readers; we employ location specific QR codes and mobile device location reporting. You have the freedom to have as many tours, sites, post orders, and schedules as you want. Also, you have the power to update them on your own (or we can help you). It’s truly 100% customized for your unique needs.

All of our modules can work independently on one another, or they can be stacked together for more power. It’s all up to you.

I could go on and on because I’m pretty proud of the work we do here at Cirrus Security. Fill out the form for a quick demo, or ask for more information about the areas you need. We’ll be more than happy to help.