Using Cirrus Security App you can communicate between officers in the field and centralized command centers with our Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD). Track every call received and dispatch available officers to incidents as they occur. Custom incident reports can be linked to dispatch calls, so reports will be ready for officers to start with pre-filled information as soon as they arrive onsite.

Custom Incident/IDReader®

Transform paper forms into custom electronic documents available on the web as well as our free mobile app! Have an idea about a document you could use? We can make it! You have complete control over your document’s aesthetics and content. Drop down menus, text areas, radio buttons, hidden fields, IDReader® and much more are at your disposal.

Tour Confirmation (Guard Tour System)

Cirrus Security’s Guard Tour system will make guard patrolling a snap. Constant and consistent visibility of active tours, and missed locations will increase your compliance and client trust. Utilizing GPS technology and QR code scanning within the app, no extra devices, add-ons or products are needed.

Assignment Tasking

Every user of the Cirrus Security App will be notified when an assignment is tasked to them. With a quick and easy view of specific details, officers will be able to accomplish tasks more efficiently. Officers will have the necessary documents at their fingertips when they start reporting on an incident. Clocking in and out of the Assignments module will notify you when officers are on or off duty.

Learning Management System

Our Learning Management System (LMS) provides you with easy to manage training for everyone in your office. The LMS can host everything from new employee training to annual renewal certification. You will have the power to create courses as you see fit including: pages of information, assessments/exams, live webinar training, links to external websites, etc. Simply assign courses to your employees or let them complete at their convenience and with the LMS you can monitor their progress, as well as markup their assessments.

Visitor Management

Keep your office secure and increase productivity with our Visitor Management system. All your visitors will be greeted with an easy to use, paperless form. The system utilizes an IDReader® (scans state license) making the form even easier for your visitors. Once a form has been completed an email is sent automatically to the recipient of the visitor, alerting of the visitor’s arrival.

Package Tracking

From origin to destination, track your packages! Utilizing QR technology you will be able to track your package and have accountability for its whereabouts. You will be notified via email when your package leaves and when it has arrived.